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Tough and Timeless Lumber

High Ground is pleased to make Tough and Timeless™ (TAT) brand lumber products available for farms and gardens, where the threat of wood rot failure has plagued and frustrated farmers and gardeners for centuries. This material is approved and recommended for organic farming operations, including animal applications.


TAT Lumber does not leach harmful chemicals. Because TAT Lumber is a composite made from 100% post-consumer plastic, it can be put directly into the ground without preservative or maintenance. The economic advantage of TAT Lumber over wood is that its purchase is a capital expense, which can be depreciated over time. Check with your certifying agency for final organic approval.


With structural TAT lumber products, no wood products are harvested or used to make our common fence posts, special structural profile lumber, utility poles and accessories, construction and erosion mats, and specialty general construction lumber profiles. The unique and patented thermoplastic process turns recycled plastics into structural components durable enough to replace wood and other construction materials with beams, pilings, t- and I-beams that have no foreseeable wear down.


The structural composite plastic lumber products in our portfolio are manufactured in the US by the railroad tie and bridge manufacturer, Axion International, under an exclusive license arrangement with Rutgers University.


TAT lumber products are sold to the agricultural industry for use as:

  • animal confinements, stalls, run-in and loafing sheds, poultry houses
  • riding ring borders, temporary fencing
  • raised beds, vineyard posts, pergolas, heavy duty gate posts
  • compost, stone, aggregate storage and mixing bays; erosion stability mats
  • stream bridges, raised decking structures, suspended walkways
  • tree stakes, boullards, and much more!

Fencing and animal containments do not rot in the ground or rot from animal excreta, and require no protective chemical treatment, or footings. TAT lumber construction materials can go right into the ground unprotected, do not leach, and are animal resistant from impact, rubbing, and chewing. TAT lumber is handled and fabricated the same way as wood lumber, using conventional fasteners, and tools.



USDA-FSA low interest loans available for eligible farm-based operations.

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